Focused on the Female without Forgetting the Feeder.

Heim Livestock is a family-owned farm located in Southwest Iowa on which Replacement Females (Hereford, Baldy, Commercial Black), Hereford Bulls, Feeder Cattle, #2 yellow Corn and Hay are raised.

Performance traits/EPDs as well as mothering ability and udder quality are the principles on which Heim Livestock cattle are selected for. By using the latest technology we have been able to put increasing selection pressure on our cattle. Our goal is to make better cattle that will increase your profitability.

Each winter we sell performance bred heifer replacements. The first Wednesday in April we sell both Registered and Commercial Hereford breeding bulls and registered Hereford heifers.  


Customer Experience

We have been buying bred heifers from Jake and Tamara Heim at Heim Livestock for the last five years.  We have always been extremely happy with the heifers and their wonderful conformity and calving ease.  The heifers are always real quiet and we are never afraid to walk among them, children included.  They always have excellent maternal instinct and milking ability and have never had to force one to take care of their calf.  The calves also possess many of their parents traits and growing ability is superb.  I would recommend anyone looking to start or expand their herd to strongly consider heifers from Heim Livestock.  Not only do you get excellent cattle, but you will also meet a very wonderful family!!!!

Nathan and Rebecca Sarver
Melrose, Iowa
Sarver Family Farm